Code of ethics

IEMA Srl works in the sector dedicated to realization of electrical and electronic systems for automatic machines, from design to installation at the customer’s premises.
IEMA Srl adheres to a business model where the key values are quality, professionalism, responsibility and completeness, where its own interests converge with those of the public, promoting projects that favour economic, social and cultural development in the territory.

The Code of Ethics expresses a comprehensive body of ethical duties and responsibilities of the business and corporate activities of the Company.

The recipients of the Code of Ethics are the administrators, general managers, directors, employees, external collaborators, freelance contractors, consultants, partner companies and business partners, as well as all other subjects who operate under the direction and supervision of the company.
The principles and standards of behaviour set forth in the Code of Ethics enhance decision-making processes, professional training and govern the practices of the Company.


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